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Event Photo Pro - Mobile Photo Booth Device

Event Photo Pro - Mobile Photo Booth Device


  • Date : May 1, 2018
  • Category : Device Solutions
  • Organization : Hisseli Harikalar

What Is The Event Photo Pro?

The Event Photo Pro is designed to use as a photo booth device but a mobile version. The operator uses the device to take participants' photographs all around the event place. The photos are taken with a DSLR camera so the quality of photos is the best, even in darker places.

Event Photo Pro Mobile Photo Booth Efes Pilsen Event

The device has a wifi module and is connected to the internet directly. When the operator takes the photo, the photo is automatically getting ready by the system. The software crops and resizes the photos and add a watermark or a frame on it digitally with the key visuals of the event.

If the device is connected to a wifi network with a network printer connected, you can print instantly the ready photo. If the device is connected to the internet through wifi, the operator can easily send mail to a participant's mail address using the touch screen. Also, the operator can share the photo with a predetermined Instagram account as a post with the mention of the participant's account name.

Event Photo Pro Mobile Photo Booth Sephora

3D Design

Event Photo Pro Mobile Photo Booth Solidworks 3D Modelling

The Event Photo Pro is designed to hold with one hand only and use the touch screen with the other hand easily. It is a really lightweight device and we assert that it is easier to use than the original DSLR camera with one hand. All the electronic circuits and cables are hidden. The device looks clear finishing and it has user-friendly usage.

Event Photo Pro Mobile Photo Booth Kendine Has Bomonti Event

The design allows reaching every button and every setting over the DSLR camera. The operators can make their own setup for photography, the Event Photo Pro makes the job of photo booth software. Shares and makes people happy.

The lipo battery is hidden also to the back of the screen. It is easily changeable during the event like the drones. The new generation photographers are familiar with this battery change system from the drones already. You do not even close the DSLR camera. Also if the DSLR camera battery pack is hacked with some cable, it can be connected parallel with our lipo battery so the DSLR camera gets charge while working in the area like we are using at our events.

Event Photo Pro Mobile Photo Booth Boyner Event

There is a branding area in front. At every event, we print out a key visual and apply it to the front of Event Photo Pro make the participants know who is taking the photos of them. Also, this area is an advertisement area.

3D modeling has been done with Solidworks software by me and the device is produced with a 3D printer.


The software is developed with the Python programming language by me. The one-board-pc in the device has a Linux based operating system. This is a touch screen UI software and every command has been controlling over this screen. The software is developed with the Tkinter framework. The DSLR camera should be connected with a USB cable.


Event Photo Pro Mobile Photo Booth Bomonti Kendine Has Event Front

Event Photo Pro Mobile Photo Booth 3D Modelling

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