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Hologram Booth Design


  • Date : January 3, 2020
  • Category : 3D Modelling
  • Organization : Hisseli Harikalar

The "hologram" concept is basically an optical illusion that is generated using glass' reflection property. This project is an example of our approach to hologram technology.


The idea behind this project is to create a statue of everyone over the terrace of Zorlu Shopping Center during Christmas days. People could create their hologram statues and take photos with them.

A room was also produced near the hologram. Because the participants were recorded on the camera with a rotating platform in front of a black background. After some video manipulation processes, the videos were converted to hologram visuals.


First of all, the hologram booth 3D designed in Solidworks software. Then the system tested and simulated in Cinema 4D rendering software. These computer-rendered images generated a totally realistic way to simulate the system and see the result. We decided which materials should we use owing to this simulation, then we started production.

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