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Paramotor Simulation with Unity3D Game Engine

Paramotor Simulation with Unity3D Game Engine


  • Date : August 25, 2015
  • Category : Game Programming
  • Organization : Sanlab Simulation

Paramotor is a basic and cheaper personal flying device with an external motor force. This motor force make difference from paragliding and pilots do not only fall but also increase altitude.


This project prepared as a simulatiıon and all the movements and physical dynamics are results of the external forces. The external forces that affect the paramotor are calculated with respect to the fluid-dynamics science. All mass properties, friction forces, gravity, airfoil lifting forces, etc. are planned like a real model.

Unity3D Game Engine

The paramotor simulation is created in the Unity3D editor. The graphical environment is generated by using ready to use 3D models.


all the forces are calculated and formulized by hand first. Then all these formulas converted to the C# code and tell the engine, which forces should be applied to our model. The unity physics engine applies the forces and shows us the real-time results.

Lifting Algorithm

The calculations of drag and lifting algorithms are taken from the fluid mechanics' sourcebook and applied to this project carefully.



Table 10-2.png

The paramotor simulation project was my research project to improve my Unity3D and physics engine programming skills.

In conclusion, we tried the game with Oculus VR Headset and the experience was really good. The people who already know to use a paraglider or a paramotor told me that the reactions of paramotor are similar to real ones and it is an important step to merge my practical skills with academic knowledge.



References :

  • Çengel, Y., Cimbala, J. and Turner, R., 2012. Fundamentals Of Thermal-Fluid Sciences. 4th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, pp.587 - 622.

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David Swigger

David Swigger

Is the source code for the paramotor simulation available?

utku olcar
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