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Immersive Room Run - Event Technology


  • Date : January 10, 2018
  • Category : GUI Applications
  • Organization : Hisseli Harikalar

Immersive Room Cover.jpg

The Immersive Run Room product is designed for that the participants see themselves inside a different world while they are running on a treadmill. There is a hack done for the treadmill for this job. A circuit board prepared by me and an encoder sensor placed inside the treadmill to get the speed and distance data from the machine. This data is sent to the PC software. Immersive running PC software is developed in Unity3D Game Engine. The software keeps the user data of total run distance and compares it with the other runners.


To get data properly the microcontroller placed inside the treadmill programmed with low pass filter algorithms. The GUI application has two displays. One of them is a touch screen behind the treadmill. The user could select the environment that they want to run inside.


The other one is the video wall led display we see the environments. This video wall led display has 3 meters height and 9 meters of width around the treadmill.


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