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I'm Utku Olcar and

Hi! My name is Utku Olcar. I am a Mechatronics Engineer.

Technical Abilities

About myself bla bla bla.

Programming Language
C# - C - Python
Programming Software
Idle - Visual Studio - MATLAB - V-Rep Simulation - Unity3D - Arduino - MikroC
3D Model & Render
Solidworks - Catia V5 - Cinema 4D - Keyshot
PCB Design
Altium Designer - Proteus


Meet our amazing services
  • Robotic Design and Modelling

    Preparing technical drawings and 3D models of a robot or device, using a CAD Software. Programmatically model them to see behaviours.

  • Embedded System Programming

    B&R PLC Hard Real Time,
    Linux headless, Raspberry Pi,
    Intel Galileo & Edison Boards, Pic Microcontroller, Arduino etc.

  • Robotic Calculations for Complex Applications

    Forward & Inverse Kinematics, Featherstone Algorithm, Potensial Field Algorithm. Calculation for different type of robots and complex applications.

  • Robust Control Algorithm

    Manage, command, direct or regulate the behaviour of devices or systems.

  • Internet Of Things, Device Solutions

    MQTT Protocol, M2M Communication, Sensor Applications, Driving Different Type Actuators etc.

  • PCB Design

    Making a prototype with PCB circuits.

  • Game Programming & Physics Engine

    Game programming using Unity Engine with C# programming language.

  • GUI Applications

    Windows: Unity 3D, Windows Store, Windows Form, WPF | Linux:Tkinter, Kivy

  • Motion Capture Applications

    Creating applications by processing 3 dimensional coordinate datas of human joints or depth point datas in 3D space (from Kinect Sensor or professional systems) on Linux or Windows.

  • AR / VR Applications

    Developing the application using Unity3D

  • Project Technical Management

    Prototyping with different manufactoring methods. Deciding actuators, sensors, materials of chassis and their manufactoring style or prices.

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