R&D Engineer - Head of Development

Design and Modelling

Preparing technical drawings and 3D models of a robot or device, using a CAD Software. Programmatically model them to see behaviours.

Embedded System Programming

B&R PLC Hard Real Time,Linux headless, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo & Edison Boards, Pic Microcontroller, Arduino etc.

Robotic Calculations for Complex Applications

Forward & Inverse Kinematics, Featherstone Algorithm, Potensial Field Algorithm. Calculation for different type of robots and complex applications.

Robust Control Algorithm

Manage, command, direct or regulate the behaviour of devices or systems.

Internet Of Things, Device Solutions

MQTT Protocol, M2M Communication, Sensor Applications, Driving Different Type Actuators etc.

PCB Elecronics Design

Making a prototype with a PCB circuit, when I have an idea to produce a device or a robot.

Game Programming - Physics Engine

Game programming using Unity Engine with C# programming language.

GUI Applications

Linux: Tkinter, Kivy || Windows: Unity 3D, Windows Store, Windows Form, WPF

Kinect Sensor Applications

Kinect Sensor Applications

Creating applications by processing 3 dimensional coordinate datas of human joints or depth point datas in 3D space from Kinect Sensor on Linux or Windows.

Project Technical Management

Prototyping with different manufactoring methods. Deciding actuators, sensors, materials of chassis and their manufactoring style or prices.


Personal Info

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